The Processing


Knowing close to nothing about what to do with an animal once you have one, we assembled the troops, On Sunday our friends showed up with their own knives and cutting boards. We took the backstraps, removed during the field dressing, and portioned those out. Then we got to work on the front quarters. They yielded roasts and stew meat, but a large portion of it will end up as ground or dried meat. These will be sausages, burger, jerky, and brats. We spent a whole evening on this and covered the kitchen in fur and gore. We learned a lot but we also messed up a lot of the cuts. Not going to lie, we are sloppy and unskilled.

Today we made the executive decision to hand this task over to the pros. We took the hind quarters and the bulk of the grinding meat to a processor. It would have been a learning experience and quite the task but we think the final product will be better and more enjoyable coming from them. Should have it back in a week. We’ll see what we get!


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